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Dating on Earth AKA Why YunJae Had So Little Scenes Together

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I aDting not used to him as a willing victim. The rest also did well with their parts specially Changmin who acted older than Xiah. Usually does in real life even acting older than Jaejoong. Things were so fast-forwarded leaving out some significant scenes. The editing was a fail. They have such good actors but the editing sucks. Critics might not also be polite in their reviews.

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Daging other the things which I find cutely weird were the couple shirts. LOL I mean, is it really a necessity to wear them for the audience to have a hunch that they are already married? And if they were married, why were the scenes always shot in the bedroom? If you ask me, there are a lot of things that could happen there. Was there no kitchen?

No… bathroom? Hyun Jin even gives a mobile phone to Jaejoong, Summaty sincerely attention makes Jaejoong feel more confidence and they both are closer and this makes Yoochun gets jealous. Since feel so upset, Yoochun asks his friends go Datng having fun in a club and Yoochun also asks Eunjung to date with him. When Yoochun want o leave her, there are several men who annoy her, as usual Yoochun get fighting with that men and helped by Changmin. In another day, Jaejoong is picked up by a gangster. Hyun Jin accidentally sees it and she tries to prevent it but she gets injured and fainting. Hyun Jin is brought to the hospital by Jaejoong.

Hyun Jin sends a massage to Yoochun to meet her in a garden since today is her birthday. She really wants to make up her relationship with her husband in the garden which full of their beautiful memories. He hugs Hyun Jin and they are in tender-hearted again. In the morning, HyunJin and Yoochun are having a chat in their garden, meanwhile Jaejoong who has fallen in love with Hyun Jin comes while holding beautiful flowers. He wants to give the flowers to Hyun Jin as a birthday gift but he stop in front of the fence and he is so surprised and sad seeing HyunJin and Yoochun wearing couple dress and looks so intimate.

Earth summary dbsk on Dating

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