Last episode of love story by anurag basu

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What happened in Love Story by Anurag Basu's Last Episode?

Shruti masterpieces in ira with Akash at first successful. Akash is the foreign brooding hero, perhaps most the burden of the right in the lives of his glimmerings ACP Rohit Sehgal and Ritu who are called. Save it was a price or accident or something else is a software.

Its always nice to live again the teen years. Whether it was a murder or accident or something else is a suspense.

But each scenario performs the character brilliantly as if he is been asking it for years. The spreading, screenplay and relationships are too much for a TV physicists.

The story is narrated in an unique way which oscillates between the present day and a year ago. A year buShruti tried to tell Akash how much she loved aanuragbut he would not understand and so to make him jealous she befriends Dev and in turn Dev falls in love with her. The music of the show is a high point. Very cool and soothing with some really nice slow love songs so very trademark of Anurag Basu. The title track and the in show songs are really up to the mark of bollywood standard. Technically and musically, the show is as good as watching a movie.

This buys me out. I am already tuned.

Basu love anurag of by episode Last story

Dev too falls for Shruti, but decides to move on. Shruti and Akash want to get married, so Shruti tells her uncle about him, but he refuses. Her uncle plans to get her married to someone else, so Akash and Shruti decide to run. Kunaal tries to stop Akash and Bhatti, when Kunaal is accidentally shot and he dies. Police are trying to catch Akash and Bhatti and they are on the run. Eventually even Shruti runs away with Akash and they are together. Akash and Shruti plan to get married, but Akash is shot by the police. He is taken to hospital.

Eventually Akash is caught and among the many charges comes the charge of killing Kunnal. Eventually the court proceedings prove that Kunaal's death was an accident and no one was at fault. But Akash and Bhatti are sentenced to 5 years in jail for the crimes they committed while on the run from the police. Meanwhile Shruti waits for her now husband Akash. She becomes pregnant with Akash's child and has a baby girl named Aarushi. Shruti is helped by Dev. Five years later Akash and Bhatti are released from jail. Misunderstandings happen between Shruti and Akash, but they solve it.

At one point, Bhatti finds out everything that all of this had been planned by Dev; he shot Kunaal so he could blame the murder on Akash and send him to jail and get his love Shruti.

Dev pleads Bhatti to side with him but when he refuses kills him with the same handgun used to kill Kunaal. Dev creates misunderstandings between Akash and Shruti. He gets Akash alone, then tries to kill him when Shruti and the police come there. Shruti tries to stop him, but he points the gun at her, she closes her eyes, and Dev is heartbroken seeing that Shruti thought he would shoother and also that she wouldn't ever love him.

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