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The band is three chord attitude-heavy young men, by name: Bobby Kool, Eka Rock, Jrx. The name moved on to "Superman is Dead" cause they like the idea that there's no such thing as a perfect person out there. Their influences soon extended to the punk 'n roll genre a la Supersuckers, Living End and Social Distortion, and here they stay. They say what they wanna say, how they wanna say it. In your face, to say it precisely. SID produced their first three albums independently the boys worked years of crappy night jobswith fabulous, small scale independent labels "Case 15", "Superman is Dead", "Bad, Bad, Bad" mini album, 6 tracks.

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In March SID finally signed with Sony-BMG Indonesia after extended negotiations regarding their right to sing the majority of their tracks in English and have full artistic rights over their 'image'!! With that decision they single handedly became the first band from Bali to be invited to sign with a major recording label in Indonesia, the first band in their nation to my knowledge to be recording majority of songs in English, AND the first punk band in Indonesia to get the national exposure and promotion that working with a major label in a third world country provides. And so the history of Indonesian Punk Rock begins!

And as for the question that everyone wants to know. After panel beating back the rolling doors of the studio, and shifting a little debris, rehearsals continued as usual.

Yeah, they saw a lot, it sucked eucking time, but its' not gonna stop 'em! And where are they now? With the ducking of their fourth album, "Kuta Rock City", followed by major airplay nationally and in some countries overseas, coupled with the instant popularity of their newest filmclip. That site is http: Make sure you spend some of your precious free time there. Where does a man go to talk to a sexy girl? The hottest girls can be found at http: Read all about this software by simply visiting https: All you want to do is chat it up with a sexy girl.

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