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Students are human beings, not avatars. A major part of learning to be a teacher is learning to respect and deal with students as human runny. Big parts of teaching are connection, concern, empathy, judgment, decision-making, and adjusting to "disruption to classroom activities. After a series of crashes, his avatar ends up driving onto the second floor of a mall. They meant it as a comment on Sheldon, but it is also a good comment on the efficacy of learning to drive through an online program. Do we really want teachers tested on avatars teaching our children?

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If it were a joke, it would be a little funny. But as a real proposal it is frightening. This project, and maybe every ETS project, should be shut down. Follow Alan Singer on Twitter: The edTPA requires teaching lessons. Candidates typically have two student teaching placements in one semester. Because the exam takes Pearson three weeks to score, and candidates must secure consent forms from parents before videotaping, there is a very short turn around time for completing the process.

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It is a logistical nightmare for candidates who are seeking dual certification, as many are doing, since it improves their chances of securing employment after graduation. The elementary edTPA requires additional teaching in math and many feel this places an undue burden on those candidates. Institutions of higher education have an additional burden and liability for remediating candidates who do not pass the edTPA but are no longer in their student teaching placements. There has been insufficient time to make policies, courses, and arrangements with partner schools for those candidates who may require remediation. Teacher preparation programs have not had enough time to implement supports and practice experiences into coursework that will prepare candidates for success on the edTPA.

This has meant that right now, teacher educators are taking time away from the courses candidates take while student teaching, and replacing important content with edTPA logistics and preparation. Instead, the focus is all on edTPA and meeting requirements. Most states are giving the edTPA more time for implementation as a certification requirement. Candidates must secure parent consent forms in order to videotape and use student work in their edTPA submission. Notification from the state to districts regarding videotaping requirements did not get sufficient distribution and attention, leaving the problem in the hands of institutions.

We are already struggling Edfpa find high quality finny for student teachers in the fnny accountability climate, where teachers are less likely Edtpa funny welcome a beginner in the classroom if it might mean lower Edrpa scores. Videotaping is often being done on new technologies such as tablets and phones that are designed to send and store data in ways that may not be secure and private, and that may unintentionally include location information. As currently designed, the edTPA does not adapt well to contexts of special education in early childhood. This is an area of intense focus with the push for universal pre-K in New York and it is where employment opportunities are expanding.

Candidates who do not do well on high stakes exams that are timed, and who must do their writing on a computer without the benefit of drafting ideas first on paper, are at a disadvantage in the exams, and they may also have difficulty using and decoding technical jargon language in their edTPA commentaries. They may have other considerable strengths they bring to teaching that are not reflected in these exams.

Edtpw feel that while there may be good intentions behind the design and development of edTPA, especially in terms of offering an alternative to traditional exams, the scope and burdens are better suited for the early induction years of fjnny, when Edtpa funny will be in their own classrooms. Student teachers are essentially fknny for a limited amount of time, and funn many of them, student teaching is the first real opportunity they have had to work with groups of students over time and to try out the ideas gleaned from coursework. Many contextual factors can already interfere with this fragile period of intense learning, and most educators who work with student teachers know how much stress is involved.

Adding something as complex as the edTPA on top of what they are already expected to do is likely to wreak havoc on their confidence. Student teaching can sometimes be painful, but it should also have its moments of joy and discovery. Outsourcing the scoring of the edTPA to Pearson, known for inadequate and online training of scorers who are underpaid, means a loss of local control where knowledge of context means everything. How can a scorer living in rural Iowa really understand the context of a school in the South Bronx, or vice-versa?

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