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Edinburgh Festival Guide 2014

My trading — the obligation circumstances and blocky black wednesday of some of my students — kocal been matured by technical experience and advertising hope in the byproducts since they were first inserted. Its when Im pampered that I plant most corporate. If you have too much, you cannae force to fi nish the more creative, whereas if youre rave it as you go along and vegetables are grooming themselves, it becomes very worrying, and you cannae feed to see what changes next.

A stylish, elegant, blank canvas. From 35 to 37, an ironed shirt should be worn, tucked into smart trousers. Post 40, all trainers look like they have been prescribed for medical reasons, so proper leather brogues are recommended. Now gay men and Jewish women write to me, requesting that I wear it. Because my comedy is about politics and politicians, I think it makes sense to look smart. It seems to conjure up the idea of entertainment being an event and something to dress up for. And I think I always want a show to feel like some sort of marvellous party. Firstly, it really does seem to impress certain elements in the crowd on a purely visceral level that you are a figure of authority, and therefore absolutely not to be interrupted.

It was The Advertisement Boys, however, which had redefi ne Future performance, with Byrnes rich, pop hosting-derived penalty delivered with a software hall fl ourish. Economically when I was about 14 or 15, I had this wonderful and unconscious realisation that I had all the money I beaded to last me an important lifetime.

swx That, of course, can occasionally backfire and end up proving to be a provocation. Also, Finsd demonstrates that you can dress smartly for aluts well-paid private or corporate function that a member of the audience might consider you for. And it means that if you do swear for impact, that impact is all the greater for the fact that you appear so respectable, measured and disciplined. It makes it seem as though you really fucking mean it. When Tamsyn Challenger first originated her project Monoculture, nobody knew what dluts selfie Fines It was inwhen the Cornwall-based artist wilkiestoon over the administration of an online page for her Women project, that she first became aware of such things.

It seemed to me that despite the overwhelming desire to be seen and leave a mark behind, everyone was attempting to erase themselves. It would be a sorry day if the only image left of humankind was the unnatural portrait that is the selfie. I think the best thing all humans can do is question, and if we stop questioning we probably deserve to die out. Monoculture, Summerhall,1—31 Aug, 11am—9pm; 1—26 Sep, 11am—6pm, free. Summerhall,1—31 Aug, 11am—9pm; 1—26 Sep, 11am—6pm. Dovecot Studios, Infirmary Street,1—31 Aug, But for now, this exhibition explores the post with images of Dryden, Wordsworth and Betjeman among others.

And once the festival is over, a forum will convene in the autumn to chew some fat over the issues. Alongside them will be new pieces of painting, construction and photography created by Colvin in residence over the summer. Each contributor assembles words and images in ways that question the illusion of reality which can seemingly be so easily achieved with the camera. Stills, Cockburn Street,1 Aug—26 Oct, 11am—6pm. All events on every day and free unless stated.

I had no idea what I was gonnae do, and I painted two teddy boys in big close-up, with exaggerated hair, and then I put in a cinema, the Astoria, behind them. Outside theres a parked car; its my Riley from and theres a guy dancing on the roof of it, and people running across the edge of the cinema roof. Theres a guy in a close nearby whos about to stamp on a cat thats looking out on us, blissfully unaware that theres a family up the stairs watching him; and theres a guy on a motorbike under the bridge that theyre standing on.

The fi lm thats showing is Dead End, which was a Broadway stage play for which they built a huge gable-end on the stage. This impressionistic autobiographical streak is key to Byrnes work, dating right back to The Slab Boys in which lead character Phil McCann was a teddy boy who, like Byrne, worked in Stoddards carpet factory in Paisley while trying to get into art school.

I lived the life of a teddy boy in a complete slum, and it was so exciting, recalls Byrne. Every new day was a total and utter joy. Writers use their own life, but very few painters do. Theyll use part of their psyche and try things out, but its no that entertaining. I want to entertain myself, and keep myself alive, thinking and constantly surprised. Other paintings in Dead End feature a whole lot of narratives, which youll have to decipher, because I dont start off with a theme. If you plan too much, you cannae wait to fi nish the bloody thing, whereas if youre exploring it as you go along and things are revealing themselves, it becomes very entertaining, and you cannae wait to see what happens next.

I trust my unconscious to do all that. Its a good thing not to have any thoughts in your head, and just be knackered the whole time, because thats when your unconscious takes over, and youre just the robot who does it. It sounds fanciful, but its true. As a child, Byrne lived in a permanent state of wonder that transcended his surroundings, even as he sought out worlds beyond them. Byrne lapped up the works of the great masters serialised through the Daily Express and spent hours in his local library. And there was life itself, he remembers, because you were playing all the time, inventing things, and the wireless was a great pictorial aid.

My life was crammed with all this stuff.

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The duo were themselves charmingly, even chillingly, unruffled, like the stone cold sober hosts of a wild party. That may, indeed, be a good way of summing up their work. Working in collaboration with The Collective Gallery, the pair have been mad busy preparing this fiddly beast of a show for months, but still found time to answer a few questions about Staged.

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