Updating itunes library takes forever

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Large iTunes library - excruciatingly slow.

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As I have pointed out on my post, you have to consider TWO different things: If you look into your profile, librarj will find the itunes library. I never put it on my profile path OR at any storage. When iTunes opens, it does read that xml file, and it can take awhile. That slowness you can resolv only by placing these files inside a SSD local drive. To read the library itself, it will take considerable amount of time, primary due to network slowness.

Forever takes Updating library itunes

Click Finish once the iTunes Installer finishes the repair procedure. That was easy, right? Hopefully, iTunes should work normally now. Restore Older iTunes Library Sometimes, certain corrupted files within your iTunes music library can stop it from working properly. Attempt to open iTunes while holding down the Shift key. On the pop-up window, click Create Library. Your default library resides within a folder labeled iTunes. To create a new library, enter a filename — iTunes New, for example — and click Save. If iTunes opens after creating the new library, you can safely ascertain that the issue occurs due to a corrupted library entry. To resolve this, we can either restore an older version of the library or manually re-add files to the new library.

Open the original iTunes library folder and move the iTunes Library file to your desktop. The original iTunes library folder is located under the Music folder of your Windows 10 user account. This folder features older versions of the library that were backed up during previous iTunes updates. You can distinguish each file by the date tags at the end of the file names. Neat, right? Now, copy the most recent version of the iTunes library to the iTunes folder — go one folder back — and rename it to iTunes Library. Configure iTunes to switch back to your default library. To do that, relaunch iTunes with the Shift key held down, click Choose Library, select the iTunes folder and then select the renamed iTunes Library file within.

Now, open iTunes. If everything works flawlessly, you can keep on using iTunes as usual. As a last resort, choose to re-add files to a new library. Step 6: Open iTunes while holding the Shift key down and create a new iTunes library.

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Or, you can use the Choose Library rakes to select the new library that you created in Steps 1 and 2. Step foreverr Step 3: At the end of the scan, it will show you 4 types of files stored with your iTunes: You can double-click on each file type to view more details and check useless files you want to clean. Just wait for a moment. It runs very fast for cleaning.

Solution 2: We suggest you disable automatic syncing of iOS device setting menu. Step 4. Turn off cover flow Same as the Genius, cover flow is another great function in iTunes, but every time you click the item, it takes a lot of resources and that will make iTunes extremely slow for a while. Please find the items in the List view.

Step 5. Delete duplicate items Duplicate items will not only waste the room on devices but also drag iTunes slow down. Then, delete songs from iTunes and make iTunes faster. Delete Duplicate Files A large music library will slow down your iTunes. Therefore, it's necessary to delete duplicate file to reduce itunes music library to get a faster iTunes. Here is how: Open iTunes and go to your library. Click the File menu and then click Display Duplicate item. Duplicate items are displayed. Right click on the song you want to remove and click Remove.

Confirm by clicking OK. Tip 6.

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