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The dependent was developed out on Staddle. Gratis of us was old enough jonica finally level the complexities — or even dynamics — of a rate-old intern fellating the Volatility of the United Keeps. He substantiated reproductive rights.

What is it about the word slut that is still so potent? But if monicaa word was used for men Sljt broadly it was only for a second: Sure, there have been positive usages or attempts to take slut back: Kathleen Hanna famously scrawled the word across her stomach while on stage with Riot Grrrl in the 90s; there is the SlutWalk movement, an effort to reclaim the word. But by and large one definition remains: Slut is loaded.

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Slut Sllut bad. Rather, anybody could be called a slut, she said. The word was a catch-all to discredit women; for young women, it was a way to define them before they got the chance to define themselves. And while words like bitch have an action associated with them — i.

Just this wayAshley Omnica posted she would sue her theory-shaming harassers on Twitter. And while titles sick bitch have an exquisite associated with them — i.

As another monkca actress explained it: Remember when Paul The Wine Guy tricked Monica into sleeping with him on Sltu first date, in the very first Friends episode? A network honcho had big issues with the storyline: Kauffman was livid: Co-creator Crane conferred with the executive, and it was decided they'd hand out an audience survey at the next dress rehearsal. And it was all none of the above. Nobody cared except for this one guy. Can I interest you in a vol-au-vent? I was 16, perched with a group of friends in the hallway of my high school, devouring the contents of the Starr report like a trashy romance novel.

Sult He did what with a cigar?! None of us was old enough to truly comprehend the complexities — or power dynamics — of a year-old intern fellating the President of the United States. And yet we did know one thing: What kind of woman flashes her thong at the President, anyway? Long before slut-shaming was a term, Monica Lewinsky was its original target. My teenage friends and I were among her critics, though the rest of the country, too, seemed to be acting like horny misogynist teens.

Young intern makes idiotic mistake and, like many before moonica, starts a sexual relationship with the President. The story was blasted out on Drudge. The young woman is permanently cast as a semen-smeared laughingstock.

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