Date repeat module drupal 7

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Correctly Display Repeating Dates In Drupal

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However, aDte 3 instance of this event are over, the view should only display 8 instances. Correctly Display Repeating Dates In Views You'll notice that if you create a view that displays repeating dates, the view can become overwhelming quickly as demonstrated below. I created a new date field with no repeating option but unlimited values.

Drupal 7 Date repeat module

For example, I'm writing this on February 17th, and erupal repeating event started on February 3rd, Edit your date field in the view we created in the previous steps. I also didn't want to have to edit the events. On my event I had set the date to "repeating" which in the input provides a variety of options to set the date to repeat. The transition has been very smooth and I feel better having it working correctly. In Drupal 8 it is part of core which is testament to how useful a module it is.

I am on a Dwte, so I use the dripal code when applying patches. When I added, my only concern was whether it was too many options for a user to deal with, but it was all hidden until ticking the "repeat" box and so I decided it was okay. So, if you have a repeating date that starts at Categorized In: Its possible to set it to repeat every day, every week, every month or every year. The date itself should be the same Use the Repeat rule to actually add the date the event ends.

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Modile example, if the event repeats 11 times, the view will display 11 instances of the event while still displaying all repeating dates that druapl occurred. So, my event that repeates from February 3rd, - April 19th, will now only show instances that have yet to occur. Luckily there is a patch that supports relative date formats in the filter of the date field output formatter. Limit View To Only Show Upcoming Repeating Dates The first thing we'll want to do is limit the view to only show upcoming repeating events, and not ones that have already occurred.

The image on the left is what we currently have configured. What we want to do is show each instance in its own row.

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