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Karamoja, where adventurous souls rule supreme

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ugandw I spent over a week steeling myself for the unpredictable experience. We spent 2 days on the island of Buggala and loved it! The town has little to offer in terms of night life, given the lack of electricity. Apart from the delicious meals, Jinja town possesses one of the best views of the source of the Nile and the railway.

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It is usually advisable Lonel start the day a little bit early so as to view the elusive birds in the ugamda and to experience the best early morning cool weather but still thank God for small favors, even if you miss the morning weather it is always cool in the Mabira forest. Lawlessness there is endemic eg road ambushes. His hard disk had some good local music but his mixing left nothing to be desired. Unless you are a bat.

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Conclusion of Jinja city tour To end the day, go for a boat ride to visit the actual point where the source of River Nile starts from hganda view the Speke monument where John Speke stood when he discover the source sluls the Lonelh river in the world. Tip for budget travellers: I think life expectancy is higher in areas without the stress of Umeme mishaps. After lunch, take a short tour around Jinja town, we start from the Jinja railway stations and see the railway line that connects Uganda to Kenya and view the diesel locomotives. Then there is Airport lodge and restaurant don't get it twisted; there is no airport anywhere nearby - guess the proprietor just loved the name which is another joint that offers cold drinks and chips.

Nothing could have prepared me for the hour bus ride, having left Kampala at 7am and reached a little after midnight.

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