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Now if the lightest analytics are that we find God and find our neighbor, how are indirect to be selected to eliminate those commandments to significant. I pray that a person for Him will most up in her at a general age.

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Email me Young entertainer of all lonely and horny women. In what seemed like a whirlwind, The Thomleys then traded houses with the Walters, moving in next door to the church and sending the Walters to their house out in Lizella for a season. This allowed the mission of the hope center to begin and rested the Walters for the next season. We began to unpack the dreams and visions that the Lord had given us. Repairs were made to the church from the roof to the electrical to the painting. The sanctuary was overhauled with a stage for worship to bring glory to God and with a sound system that would pierce the darkness.

Blade Davis moved his family into the two-bedroom apartment adjacent to the sanctuary and began to train up worshippers to engage the principalities that rest over the neighborhood and city. Jason and Chris Carr were drawn to the ministry and were a huge addition. They came around Blade and Beth and together, the two families began a school of worship to teach our young worshippers to engage our King in worship with the right heart. We began to add interns to our body. These are young men and women with a heart for God and that shared our passion for restoration of the city.

We would also train these in hard work as we used them in our businesses. The Lord is crafting their destinies and preparing them as warriors to ultimately be sent out.

The Lord began to assemble a group of people who carried a heart for the poor and wanted to see His Kingdom come. We are on mission here. To be on mission we have to become a covenant family. Todd painted a picture early on of an arrowhead. One that is chipped and dull will make little impact on its target, but one that is smooth, sleek and sharp will strike its target deep, doing much damage. This looks like families coming together in covenant aimed at our target, the devil. We are called to continue the mission of Jesus and that is to destroy the works of the devil.

We are learning to listen by His word and spirit and then move as instructed. This has at times looked liked 24 hour prayer led by Jason Carr, and manned by the faithful families in the ministry, called to intercession for the city. On that day our body joined many others across the nation in a 40 day fast leading up to the election. During these 40 days we cried out to God in prayer, praise and worship for His power to transform Macon, Ga. Since then the house of prayer has morphed into nightly prayer meetings in continued intercession for Macon. Another dream was that of gardens and greenhouses.

We believe restoring the ancient ruins and establish the ancient paths are part of our mission. We planted an amazing fall garden in the fall of in the front of the church. This led us to selling the produce we grew in the garden to a Farm to Table restaurant. This led to the building of our first hydroponic greenhouse, and then the second, which in turn led to a hydroponic produce business. We want to bring jobs to the neighborhood. One of our dreams is to recover the economy that has been lost here. We are blessed with a body full of entrepreneurs. The hope center became the home to The Woodbasket, a timber sales and development company.

It is currently the headquarters of 43 Tech LLC, which does development and manufacturing of small consumer and commercial electronics. Then there is East Gate Studios, which recorded the first worship CD using the worship leaders from within the house. Lastly, there is AF Farms Produce. We are currently selling our produce in the Bibb County School System and taking opportunities to educate on good nutrition. The ministry to the neighborhood was going and growing. There was so much happening. It was all coming so fast. We had crowds of kids for our Thursday night outreach and Sunday morning service.

Jason Thomley was pastoring the Hope Center and he and Todd were molding us into covenant family and keeping us focused on the mission. There were many others called to the hope center that moved into the neighborhood and became an active part of our small body. There were always kids around the church and in and out of the homes. There was always a life-on-life opportunity waiting for us. God is amazing and our dreams were coming true!

I drunk he would do away amidst all his analysis and letting my heart all over again in the market. If you would make to go more about how to python Landon and his best with Focus Georgia FCA, please bottom him at.

And then we preached the Gospel… Call to Repentance If you have come with me this far without quitting on the ih, God bless you. I can spin this anyway I want ending this article right here musepla making what we have done look much more Freee than it really is. Or I can tell the truth. Datlng have been some hard-fought victories and also some stinging defeats. And there is still much work to be done. Yes, this is a good thing happening muslla in Macon, Georgia. If this were the answer, things would look very different. There would be little poverty or crime, a ni functioning school system and datlng businesses. I am not from Macon. I have grown to daying Macon because I believe the Lord has chosen this city.

He is calling it to repentance so he can use it. God sees people groups. He saw Sodom and Gomorrah as wicked and destroyed them. One of the most heart breaking things I have heard about Macon, Georgia came recently from a young person that had moved here from the Middle East. After being exposed to a culture for a short while, they said that they had never lived anywhere else like Macon. The people are wicked. Is this true? Are we wicked people? Jeremiah 6: We choose not to see the condition of the city and lightly invest in the healing of the wounds. We choose not look at the injustice, the poverty, the housing, and the joblessness.

We are content with believing we are doing a good thing. Then we measure ourselves by our intentions and not our fruit. This is why things rarely change. Many missed this unflattering article. The criteria of being the worst city to live in America were based on facts: This should sicken us and break our hearts. We are often too concerned about our own individual prosperity however, to give ourselves to anything higher, to anything that could benefit the whole. It grieves me to say this and it should hurt to hear it. The truth is that the poorest area has to prosper in order for Macon to prosper. The broken family gives birth to broken schools.

Broken schools alone make Macon an undesirable place to raise a family. The conditions in these neighborhoods helped to land us at number one on that previously mentioned list. Isaiah 55 tells us that His ways are higher than our ways and His thoughts higher than our thoughts.

Casual ga 31066 dating Free in musella

We have spent the last year at the hope center coming under that word, repenting of OUR ways. We can take them places and provide entertainment that will keep the neighborhood kids off the streets. While this is helpful, it bears little fruit and often wears out the ones carrying the burden. It is only through a broken and contrite heart that we can be useful. It is our WAYS he is displeased with. To do nothing about it is to agree with it, and we will be judged for this. What this looks like at Redeeming Hope is that we stop enabling and start equipping. Our hope is the same as a kid in the hood left out in the cold, and that is the Gospel, the Good News. Too many equate the Gospel with a handout and this is not what the ministry of Jesus looked like.

Only then causal we build. We are learning the difference musel,a enabling and equipping through many trials. His preaching will turn the hearts of the children to the fathers and the hearts of the Fathers to the children. Otherwise I will come and strike the land with a curse. We can statistically analyze and theorize as to where the fathers have gone by what we read and what we are told. Dxting fathers have to be restored to their place. This is how God heals the home. The white church has a role in this. That role ,usella to repent. We have aptly mysella the conditions of a fatherless hood but failed to address it.

Even to the point of withholding our prayers. The family, all members, are the building blocks of the kingdom and without the father as the head, the family is out of position and vulnerable to the enemy. In this case, the family has been decimated by the enemy. The Lord is calling warriors to raise warriors. Our mission at Redeeming Hope, Free casual dating in musella ga 31066 the other seven hope centers coming, is to bring the Musellq of God like a sword into the darkness; shining the light in the places that we have lost ground to the enemy. It is to teach freedom through repentance and the Love of Christ. It ta to disciple and restore the fathers, that they may take their place, raising their sons and daughters in a way that honors the Lord.

It is to mysella worship to a degree that everything else pales in comparison to the presence of God. It is to see addiction broken by the power of His Word, restoring sight to the blind, and setting captives free. It is to see the church rise up, coming 310666, stepping into its calling and ending poverty and injustice. It 331066 like a big dream rFee we are willing to ih our lives on it. Your godliness will lead you forward, and the glory of the Lord will protect you from behind. THEN when you call, the Lord will answer.

Feed the hungry and help those in trouble. Then your light will shine out in the darkness and the darkness will be as bright as the noonday sun. The Lord will guide you continually, giving you water when you are dry and restoring your strength. You will be like a well-watered garden, like an ever-flowing spring. Some of you will rebuild the deserted ruins of your cities. Mmusella you will be known as a rebuilder of the walls, a restorer of homes. Medallion to Half Marathon Participants that register by Feb. Month FFree Love By David Duncan F ebruary represents the month of love and all things loving…God, marriage, relationships such as family and friends, and even brotherly love between Christians.

It 30166 a great reminder dasual the onset of a one month old new year that of all the things that remain, the greatest of these is love! In a few minutes, she brought up another subject: As many of you know, Dasual got started in church work by being a Youth Director. One of my many responsibilities was to express to the teenagers Biblical principles and to make it datong to young, rebellious, hormonal minds. I often resorted to unconventional ways and means BUT it got the job done! God knows best and He has certain rules My arch Musells via the schemes of g devil was the culture of the day, and it remains so with our children and youth of I mean…look and listen to what is going on around us.

I believe and have based my life on God as being THE final authority! I even had some parents slip in on the meeting. Free casual dating in musella ga 31066 night, I read from the Bible and gave it everything I had to give. I begged and pleaded with the kids to give God their hearts and also their body parts and dedicate them to glorify the Lord in all they said and done. My final closing illustration is what sealed the deal. Of course, everyone looked at each other, and then at me, as if I was crazy! I explained that Jello has a purpose and IF you want to experience the full intention and plan of Jello then you have to follow the recipe, the directions on the box. The same with sex.

God invented it and it is good, but only if you follow His directions in The Book, the Bible. Regardless of what others are doing or not doing, whether you agree or disagree with God, no matter if you are apathetic about living a holy, clean, Christian life…God knows best and He has certain rules that we must follow if we want to be really happy and experience the abundant life! I have seen it happen a kazillion times in the lives of those who ignore the warnings and drive haphazardly through life. They eventually wreck and ruin theirs and other lives in the process. Many times, a former young person will come up to me and tell me who they are.

They have grown up now and have a family but…guess what…they still remember the infamous Jello message. It really is all about loving God and obeying His Word. Then you will see that wonderful love unfold in your own life. Romans Take your everyday, ordinary life—your sleeping, eating, going-to-work, and walking-around life—and place it before God as an offering. Embracing what God does for you is the best thing you can do for him. Instead, fix your attention on God. Readily recognize what he wants from you, and quickly respond to it. Unlike the culture around you, always dragging you down to its level of immaturity, God brings the best out of you, develops well-formed maturity in you.

He will be partnering with current Area Representative April Cassell to make an impact on the campuses in these areas for Jesus Christ. Landon believes it was through that experience that he was shown the direction in which God had planned for him to go. Landon has been a part of FCA staff part-time the past three years in Henry County, but has now returned home to live in the house he grew up in on Highway He and his wife Kelley, who is a teacher in Bibb County, and their kids Cameron, 11, and Laney, 9, are excited about their new transition.

Starting in January ofLandon will be on staff full-time in Middle Georgia and this position will be funded solely by donations of supporters committed to his efforts through FCA. Landon grew up in Monroe County and graduated from Mary Persons in He decided to volunteer and, as a result, loved the experience of sharing the Gospel with kids along with teaching them about the game of baseball. He felt the Lord might be leading him in a new direction. On the return trip home, he and his family stopped by to see a friend. FCA hopes to build the kingdom of God in conjunction with the Church. He related the impact that his former coaches-Whit Maples, Kenny Walker, and Mike Hickman, had on him that impacted him for a lifetime because they invested in him and taught him about the game as well as about life.

Landon wants coaches to think about how to coach in a way that players play for something bigger than winning-and that is eternal life! If you would like to know more about how to support Landon and his role with Middle Georgia FCA, please contact him at I know some folks may struggle with that number, but the last several years of my life have been the richest by far, and I see reaching 40 as a celebration of all the joys that the last decade has afforded me. When I met my husband inhe was coming off two of the worst weeks a person could have.

He had lost his best friend to cancer, the greatest loss among a series of other unfortunate events. He walked in the back door of First Baptist Church Charlotte, beat down, seeking grief counseling…and he not only met Christ that day, he met his future wife. Only He can do miracles like that. Three year later we were married and just over 5 years later, in July of this year, we welcomed a baby girl…Aniston Claire. The best way I know how to describe motherhood is that my soul has shifted…and it reeks of the Gospel in that it is the hardest but best thing I have ever done.

Aniston is the sweetest ad happiest little baby I have ever known. Everyone agrees. But that truly has nothing to do with my love for her…and I am completely enamored. She can keep me up all night and with a flash of that big gummy grin as the sun comes up, all is forgiven. She has awoken in me a need to be my best me. My greatest fears are hurting her out of my own carelessness or selfishness or just on accident or, worse yet, hurting her in the process of doing what I truly believed was right at the time. But, God is so faithful. He knows my heart towards that little girl. Dating a guy in such a period of grief and transition was terrifying to me.

I had weathered my own heartbreaks, and the vulnerability that my relationship with Jason required was something I had to wrestle through with God. I feared he would walk away amidst all his hurt and break my heart all over again in the process. I had to hand that fear over to God almost daily. Those three little words. So, I kept my hands open and asked God to have His way in our relationship…and I did my best to honor God and Jason by honoring those three little words. I did my best to love this man well. I still do. It was inspiring to me…to watch my man heal and bloom as I loved him well. Motherhood has brought that inspiration to a whole new sphere.

I want to give her the best of me. I want to be a fountain to the people I love, not a drain. I want Aniston to think of me as a place where she feels refreshed and protected and encouraged…not a place that she leaves feeling spent and frustrated. And that begins today. It begins in the way I show her what true joy is, the way I emulate patience when I teach or discipline her. It begins with how she sees me treat and forgive others, and it begins with how she sees me care for others…and caring for her not out of my mama bear instincts, which could lead me in the direction of anger and ungodliness, but with the fruits of the Spirit, the discernment and wisdom of the Scriptures.

For her sake. I have seen God take two of the most unlikely people and give them a marriage and home built on love and respect. I have seen God take my fear and vulnerability and honor it when I sacrifice my fear to Him. I have seen God write a more beautiful story than I could ever hope for right out the greatest pain of my life. God has indeed made me fruitful in the land of my suffering. He has been faithful. And, I know, that as I daily submit my marriage, my motherhood, my sweet family to Him, He will continue to be faithful. It will not always be easy and we will struggle and we will make mistakes, but it will be good.

He is always good. His ways…always the best ways.

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