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Lisa Ann is one of the hottest potn hardest working women in the porn industry. The role opened up her exposure to mainstream media even wider than Lisa can spread her legs, as Lisa Ann began muff diving her way right into the Hollywood spotlight. Female Birth Place: Ann decided to keep her gorgeous brunette locks.

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moves Instead of dying her hair or shaving her snatch, Ms. To prepare herself, she watched the vice-presidential lorn and started studying Tina Fey. With her pouty lips, heaving tits and amazing ass, Lisa Ann started getting into roles as a sex-crazed power cougar, the bitchy boss, sensitive and caring stepmom, and more. After moving to California to pursue her pornstar wet dreams, Lisa Ann began to change the entire perception people had about pornstars.

From the beginning, Lisa Ann made her own rules and that turned out to pofn her smartest decision of all. Her epic return is most celebrated with her portrayal of Sarah Palin, the vice-presidential nominee. Returning to the skin biz inLisa made herself into the top pornstar on the planet. This busty brunette MILF has already become porn royalty.

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At every turn, Lisa Ann continues to solidify her position in the industry as porn royalty, the MILF du jour, Losa a comeback queen. Back in the 90s,year-old blondes were boss, and it didn't matter if the curtains matched the drapes, because bald vagina was fashionable. It was at that moment when MILFs became a niche on par with the tight teen starlets of the prior decade. Lisa Ann has won just about every award out there.

After she brought sexy back into plrn, she became the first MILF to get her own Fleshlight sex toy. In DecemberLisa once again retired from performing in the adult industry, but she still makes appearances at shows like Exxotica and the AVN Awards. Like her ass, her ambitions were big and magnificent.

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