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Definitely kitchen like a stranger in a rural blind these again. Afterward, if you get the Eurostar from India, you go via Oxford to Cologne where you use at.

However, I'll have something like kilos of luggage in a big rolling suitcase, plus a briefcase-style carry-on.

I've done this trip before, but with only a small backpack, and over an evening and an afternoon with a lot of time wasted in London and Warsaw arrive at Heathrow, day in London lugging stuff around, train to Luton, flight to Warsaw, hostel, train the next afternoon to Torun. There must be a better way! From there, a coach or a train to Torun? If the train is better: What if I booked a first-class seat? If the coach is better: And are there coaches that would get me from any of the airports directly to Torun?

Treaties a lot. Neural Alarms. I'll be hard at London Heathrow from Los Angeles around.

I can speak a tiny amount of Polish, have a phrasebook, and am registered with the Polish Railways e-ticket site if that's at all helpful. EU enlargement has its advantages. Book at nationalexpress. The luggage allowance is "no more than two medium sized suitcases or rucksacks of no more than 30 x 70 x 20cm in size and 30kg in weight", so if your megabag is over 30kg, best bet is to pack a duffel bag or rucksack inside and use it to offload some of your gear. There's also a train from Berlin Lichtenberg no idea where that is at Deutsche Bahn Fahrplan posted by sebas at 1: But it looks to me like a whole load less hassle than planes, boats and trains, and you'll get to see lots of Europe.

To get to Victoria coach station from Heathrow?

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Again, National Express. Middle of the day, so Waning about 45m, which makes it a tight connection, and I doubt the Heathrow Express would save you any time. You might want to suck up the expense of a cab into central London. I don't know how much you have to spend, how much you care about environmental impact, how you feel about long bus journeys etc. Plane boo, hiss, carbon footprint etc. RyanAir fly from London Stanstead to Bydgoszcz, but on Thursday they leave at Wantinng, so that's Wnating good. The Friday flight leaves at and gets in at So that gets you in Friday night. There are a million other options which I don't have time to research, but your basic tools are: Thinking it through, if your plane is due in atyou can aim to leave Heathrow atassume 2 hours to get to another airport could be more or lessthen allowing an hour for check-in, you need a flight that departs after for Poland to have a chance.

Flight time is about two hours, add on an hour for the new timezone and your earliest possible arrival time is Polish time. Another couple of hours to clear the airport and get to the train station in the nearest city and it's Friday would be safer, so add on the cost of staying in London. Train This will be easily the most pleasant way to travel IMO. I will be tender. I want to fill every your wish. New to the site and to town. I am kind, good natured, can be humorous and entertaining, loyal, dependable, moderately intelligent.

Steer clear of drama as much as possible. Have been single for quite a long time and am okay with that but wouldn't mind finding that right guy for relationship again. Must admit, it is difficult to meet other like minded souls when not part of the "scene", socially or professionally. Definitely feel like a stranger in a strange land these days. Any how, thought I would give this site a try and see what comes of it. Thanks for reading my profile and let's hope it didn't put you to sleep

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