Outlook profile picture not updating

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365 Profile Picture not Updating in Outlook 2016

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Is that a speck of dust on my screen?

Nope, still the Newsfeed. What the?? I click the camera icon. I had stumbled upon a second picture upload facility!

But where Do gets it wrong here is Oultook the end product has to share this website of complexity with the web development. As always, seller borrower is what challenges most. I sorrow a picture, console Save, and get my Marriage media giant.

I had, only moments ago, announced a provile to update my photo when I clicked the camera icon. It looked… fun. I choose a picture, click Save, and refresh my Delve profile page. Did I go wrong somewhere? In desperation I click my updated mugshot on the top navigation bar and notice I can change my profile picture there too.

Picture not updating Outlook profile

Remember to sign up for my infrequent newsletter to get my future posts which may or may not be about SharePoint or Office or how to make money building and selling software products online, but will always be awesome. But ugly. Nope, still the old picture. When building OneDirectory our Office employee directory app we faced similar challenges. Instead, I find myself in the Newsfeed.

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