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Citing an Online Only Journal Example: Glotzer, Richard and Anne Federlein. Commuter Marriage and Family Strength. Personal Website Last name, First name. Page Cited. Smith, Steve. Home Page. Sources Published Indirectly Online Sources may be originally in print, or in another medium, and found online. Catton, Bruce. The Civil War. Houghton Mifflin Co. Google Book Search. Puzzanchera, Charles. National Criminal Justice Reference Service. Citing a Video Found Online Example: West, Kanye. Hype Williams. Roc-A-Fella Records, Youtube Web.

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Picasso, Pablo. Three Musicians. Park, Obadiah. Bruce Springsteen. Digital Image. Google Images. In datihg above example the title is not in quotes because it is a description of the digital image. Ahn, Hyunchul, and Kyoung-jae Kim. Academic Search Premier. Sources found in online Databases typically have been published elsewhere. Include as much as the original publication information as possible, and then add the Database name, medium weband the date accessed.

Public Documents Because the nature of public documents is so varied, the form of entry for documentation cannot be standardized. The essential rule is to provide sufficient information so that the reader can locate the reference easily. Annual Labor Area Report: New York State Department of Labor. Statutes at Large 56 Bureau of the Census. Characteristics of Population. Washington, DC: Government Printing Office. Constitution, Article 1, Section 4. Legislation Examples Court cases and legislative acts follow a format stipulated by legal publishers. The act or case is listed first, followed by volume number, abbreviated title, and the date of the work in which the act or case is found.

The volume number is given in Arabic numerals, and the date is parenthesized. Court cases are italicized, but acts are not. Case names, including v. Brown v. Board of Education, U. If retrieved from an online database, such as LexisNexis or HeinOnline, provide access information. Ohio v. Lexis []. House of Representatives. Fair Minimum Wage Act of Unpublished Materials Name of author. Title of Presentation. Location where the article was presented or is available or has been accepted for publication but has not yet been published. Conger, Rand D. Smith, Tom.

Dissertation or Thesis King, Andrew J. A Pre-history of Modern Zoning. File This section of the resource will provide examples of some of the more common electronic sources form. Retrieved November 21, http: Social Media Sources References to social media sources should not appear in the references page. Rather, it should be footnoted in the body text where referenced. Websites Purdue University. Apathetic College Students in America. Middletown, IL: University of Middletown Press.

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