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Preparing to Build

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Python 2. Androd Repo is built on particular functionality from Python v2. GNU Make 3. It is by default available in the Xcode. Git 1. Repo crom us to use Git in an easier way. But in the end we need Git to perform certain operations as a source control. I used OS X The work around is here: For me it took over 24 hours. Such a large download only happens once, further syncing with the main source tree will be incremental.

Obtain proprietary binaries — The binary drivers should be unpacked in your working directory. If you get abdroid errors which seem related to memory, especially about the Jack server and memory then do these two things: What you will see is a vanilla version of AOSP. There are no Google services, no Play Store and only a few core apps. This is the bare bones of Android. However, congratulations are in order. You have managed to build Android from its source code and flash it on to a device. That is no mean feat. Customization Now that you have Android up and running, you can start to customize it and make your own specialist ROM.

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Xdating source Building from android

By google. Complete online dating plugin theme system. Another JDK previously installed appearing in your path. Python version 3 Repo is built on particular functionality from Python 2.

In order to use repo, please install Python 2. Please move your source tree to a case-sensitive filesystem. If you see a permission denied error, follow the instructions in Configuring USB access. If adb was already running and cannot connect to the device after getting those rules set up, it can be killed with adb kill-server. Initialize the build environment by sourcing a script, you can use the bash source command or the good old dot command — whatever strikes your fancy: Note that you have to run this in every shell that you want to run a build from. Next… lunch This will give a list of targets and allow you to select one.

Hammerhead being the code name for the Nexus 5. Now you can go for lunch. Things to do while this runs:

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