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Some old style Flat Top Compasses used a mix of x alcohol and water. This process was stopped in the s. Why is my Ritchie compass exactly degrees off course? It may seem like the compass is degrees off depending on what style dial you are accustomed to reading. We manufacture compasses with 3 different types of dial styles — Open face flat cardDirect read, and Combi. To read a flat card compass, you look down at the compass card and read the heading at the lubberline pointer farthest away from you.

You look at the front of the compass and read the heading at the lubberline pointer closest to you. COG compasss Heading are both an integral part of navigation. Conditions such as wind, tide, current and even physical properties of your boat can cause differences between COG and Heading. Heading is the only reliable reference to steer your vessel accurately under all conditions. Why do my compass and my GPS seem to disagree? The factors which cause the difference between COG and Heading have a greater affect at slow speeds. More importantly, the GPS, which uses historical data to calculate COG, needs a straight line to give an accurate reading.

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When you make a turn at slow speed, you will need to travel rihchie a straight line for a period of time before the GPS can give you an accurate calculation. While a boat is at rest, there is no historical data for the GPS. Therefore, there is no COG to report. The Magnetic Compass, however, will give you accurate heading information in real time, from stop to go, and slow to fast. Most likely, there is something mounted too close to the compass causing magnetic interference. Some culprits include Magnets speakers, microphones etc. Can I adjust my compass if there is magnetic interference? Ritchie provides general compensation instructions within the instruction packets that come with most compass series.

Hiring a professional compass adjuster may be Datinf way to go. I lose time. You lose money. I mean really, what are you guys doing? You know this product is used in a marine environment of salt water spray and constant motion on ocean passages of thousands of miles.

Compass Dating a ritchie

You ritchje we will expect it to last more than a few months, one boating season, or even, heaven forbid, a few years. Why then are you using stainless on the mount? Why would you design a compass light around an unprotected circuit board? Why would you build it so poorly that it leaks in the first three months? Yup, your compass sucks. Shame on you! I am telling my cruising friends about my experience with Ritchie compasses, because as your website says, "navigation really does begin with the right compass", and its sure not a Ritchie! Yours truly, etc. There is more at play here than consumer rage.

There is a much more serious issue. And we are doing so exactly when we need so desperately to be doing the opposite.

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