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Influential punk label Mystic Records recorded them in early January for a compilation. Two weeks after that session, they landed their biggest show to date: Playing with Vox Pop.

Me and Janet were so tight. All we had to do was look at each other, and we could change the tempo. We were getting really good. Relations had been strained between the two for weeks. He kept yelling at her, then walked off. The Omlits were over.

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Omlit was then a solo musician, and he had a job at an electronics firm in Anaheim. I Am An Outlaw! At the center is Omlit, thriving in the raw noise and delivering lyrics that made you either laugh or want to mosh. He tried to reformulate his bands in as Da Omlits, with Kirby Jones on guitar, Robert on vocals and Simeroth on drums—after he promised to stay away from political lyrics. The band continued for some years before ending for good innever reaching its potential. We were totally poised to do something.

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